This U.S. made Billet Aluminum Fly Cutter Head will allow you to quickly surface cylinder heads and blocks as well as other general machining operations with your standard milling machine.


Its single cutter design includes tool holder that accepts a common CNMG style carbide insert available in many grades. Cutter is supplied with 2 general purpose 4 sided inserts, good for most surfacing operations.


The cutter utilizes an R-8 arbor [included] to fit most vertical milling machines, CAT-40 arbors are also available.


10 inch diameter body with a cutting diameter adjustable from 10 inches to 11.5 inches. The 9 pound weight of the cutter helps leave a smooth chatter free finish .

*NEW* now comes with travel indicator attached to check flatness and parallelism of your work before cutting. Fastened with thumb screw for easy removal before operating. Gauge tip is a bull nose style to help roll over uneven surfaces.

PRICE: **$599.99** free shipping within U.S.A.

Package includes:
-aluminum fly cutter head
-insert holder
-2 inserts
-R8 or CAT40 arbor (must specify)

Our fly cutter is made at CMtool in Palm City, FL. Check us out at or CALL 772-781-8282


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